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Grizzly G1066Z 24 inch 5 HP Drum Sander with VS

The G1066Z features dual 6″ aluminum sanding drums allow a coarse and fine sanding in one pass doubling the efficiency of a single drum sander so allowing you to work faster and be more productive.

The variable-speed feed from 0 to 20 feet per minute allows you to find the perfect feed rate for your sanding project.

The G1066Z accepts large materials, up to 4-1/4″ thicknesses and 23-1/2″ wide.

Wired to run on 220V, the 5 HP has all the power you will ever need to continuously sand large surfaces.

Customers have asked us why our drums are not rubber coated. The rubber-coated drums become “spongy” and do not sand evenly or parallel to the ends.

For your convenience, the G1066Z has an easy access control panel and built-in amp meter to gauge workload.

To keep the dust to a minimum, two 4″ dust ports have been added for easy hook-up to a collection system.


Sanding motor: 5 HP, 220V, single-phase drum, 25A

Feed motor: 1/3 HP, 2A

Maximum board width: 23-1/2″

Minimum board width: 2″

Maximum board thickness: 4-1/4″

Minimum board thickness: 1/8″

Minimum board length: 9″

Drum surface speed: 2300 FPM

Conveyor feed rate: variable, 0-20 FPM

Sanding drum size: 6″

Sanding belt size: 3″ x 176″ hook & loop

Approximate shipping weight: 489 lbs.


Industrial-duty rubber conveyor belt

Two 4″ dust ports for easy hook-up to a collection system

Variable-speed conveyor

V-belt main motor; chain drive feed motor

Dual 6″ aluminum sanding drums

Four leadscrew table elevation system

State-of-the-art computer balanced drums

Easy-access control panel with amp load meter

External micro adjustment on outfeed drum

Includes one each 80-grit and 120-grit sanding belts

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