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Grizzly G0785 1 HP Wall-Mount Dust Collector with Canister Filter

Effective dust collection not only keeps your shop cleaner and more pleasant to work in, but it can also improve the air quality in your shop. Our systems feature powerful motors and convenient collection bags – so they’re ideal for just about any size of woodworking operation. Additionally, the canister filter on this handy wall-mounted model provides six times the surface area of a bag filter!

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory


Motor: 1 HP, 120V/240V (prewired 120V), 7A/3.5A

Air suction capacity: 537 CFM

Static pressure: 7.2″

Filter rating: 1 micron

Bag capacity: 1.5 cubic feet

Intake hole size: 4″

Impeller: 10″ balanced cast aluminum radial fin

Canister filter size (diameter x length): 15″ x 16-3/16″

Height with bag inflated: 46″

Approximate shipping weight: 62 lbs.

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