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Grizzly G0673 10 HP Industrial Dust Collector

Controlling dust in a large shop can be a challenging task, but this 10 HP Dust Collector will make it child’s play. Features 5360 CFM air suction capacity, 17.9″ static pressure rating, 2.5 micron bag filters and a five port intake manifold. Four heavy-duty plastic collection bags (with a total of 48 cubic feet of storage capacity) will easily allow you to collect from the biggest chip and dust producing machines all day long without emptying. Warning: Keep small animals clear of intake openings—this dust collector is extremely powerful!


Motor: 10 HP, 220V/440V*, 3-phase, TEFC

Amps: 30A at 220V, 15A at 440V

Air suction capacity: 5360 CFM

Static pressure: 17.9″

Intake port with manifold: 4″ x 5 Holes

Intake port without manifold: 10″

Sound rating: 99–101 dB

Impeller: 17″ balanced steel, radial fin

Upper bag size (x 4): 23-5/8″ x 70″

Lower bag size (x 4): 23-5/8″ x 54″

Collection bag capacity: 48 cubic feet

Bag filtration: 2.5 micron

Collection bags: 4

Overall dimensions: 61″ W x 61″ D x 134″ H

Approx. shipping weight: 472 lbs.

Optional Bag Replacement: T21317 Upper Bag; G6512 Lower Bag


TEFC induction thermal overload protection motor

Magnetic switch

Four heavy-duty legs with 3″ casters and brakes

Welded, 1/4″ balanced steel, radial impeller

Heavy-duty plastic bottom bags

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