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Grizzly G0548ZP 2 HP Canister Dust Collector with Aluminum Impeller

With a filter rating of 1-micron, the canister filter on the G0548ZP 2 HP Dust Collector has 6 times the filtering area of regular bag filters and it has a built-in cleaning brush that is easy to operate from the outside.

Simply move the convenient top-mounted lever back and forth to remove any dust caked onto the filter, and in seconds you are back to full performance capacity.

The G0548ZP has an air suction capacity of 1700 CFM and has a max static pressure of 10 in. Static pressure is produced by the 12-3/4″ cast-aluminum impeller to move the wood chips into the collector.

The steel duct from the impeller to the filter improves performance and reliability and with just a glance you’ll know when it’s time to haul out the chips thanks to the clear bottom bags.

This unit has a heavy-duty steel adapter that allows three 4″ lines to be connected simultaneously.


Motor: 2 HP, 240V, single-phase, 9A

Airflow performance: 1700 CFM

Maximum static pressure: 10″

Main inlet size: 6″

Inlet adapter: 3 x 4″

Filtration rating: 1 micron

Canister filter size: 19-5/8″ dia. x 23-5/8″ H

Bag capacity: 4-1/2 cubic feet

Lower bags: Plastic

Impeller: 12-3/4″ aluminum, radial fin

Sound rating: 83–85 dB

Overall dimensions: 37-3/8″ W x 31-1/2″ D x 71″H

Approximate shipping weight: 150 lbs.


1 Micron spun bond polyester canister filtration

12-3/4″ Cast aluminum impeller

Steel base with casters for mobility

Clear plastic collection bag with quick clamp

Turn the top handle a half turn for cleaning the canister

Handle controls three cleaning flappers inside, shaking dust from the filter

Fine dust from filter falls directly into the collection bag

Canister filters have six times the filtering area of regular bags

Heavy-duty steel intake improves rigidity

Extra bottom bags included

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