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Grizzly G0489 2-Wheel Metal Belt Grinder and Sander

The Grizzly G0489 3″ x 79″ 2-Wheel Metal Belt Grinder/Sander is made specially for metal workers and is designed to give you versatility and performance. It uses 79″ long sanding belts that resist heating up, even with a surface speed of 3900 FPM.

The sanding head tilts from 0°–30° to suit the job at hand. Sand against the rubber contact wheel using the supplied work rest or sand flat surfaces against the 3″ x 20-1/2″ graphite-backed platen.

Covers are supplied with the machine to expose only the part of the sander you want to use. The spark trap picks up the grindings at one end of the machine and the other end is supplied with a 4″ part so you can connect your approved collection device.


Motor: 4 HP, 220V, 3-phase, 11A

3″ x 20-1/2″ graphite-backed platen

3″ x 79″ belt size

0°–30° of head tilt

Overall size: 39″W x 22-1/2″D x 48″H (head raised)

Approximate shipping weight: 248 lbs.


Work stop for use with the platen

Work rest for use with the contact wheel

8″ rubber contact wheel

Spring Loaded Quick-Release Belt

Single Knob Tracking Adjustment

Built-in Spark Trap

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