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Grizzly G0453 15 inch 3 HP Planer

Enjoy the stability and power of a stationary planer with the shop mobility of a built-in mobile base. Simply press down on the foot pedal to raise the planer on its wheels for positioning, then push the lever up to lower the planer down for rock-solid stability. A 42″ long bed with cast-iron wings and bed rollers provide the support needed for perfectly planed lumber. Heavy-duty construction and materials will have you wanting to plane all day long. Check out all the other specifications and design features, and roll one of these planers into your shop today!


Board return rollers

Built-in mobile base

Precision-ground, cast-iron table and extension wings

Board return rollers

Adjustable bed rollers

Rubber-coated power feed rollers

Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection

Anti-kickback fingers

Four-column support with table locks

Precision-ground table and wings

Certified to UL & CSA standards

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