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Grizzly G0449 37 inch 10 HP Drum Sander

Sand stock up to 36-1/2″ wide and 4″ thick with variable-speed feed control and the economy of spiral-wrapped 6″ wide sandpaper rolls. Built for production environments, these Drum Sanders feature industrial-quality conveyor belts and dual 6″ sanding drums.

With the variable-speed conveyor, you can dial in the perfect finish for each job. Also features a 4-port dust scoop to maximize dust collection, easy access to sanding drums, emergency stop for safety, solid steel construction, independent motor control, amp load meter, and massive power.


Sanding drum motor: 10 HP, 240V, single-phase, 47A

Conveyor motor: 1/3 HP

Maximum board width: 36-1/2″

Maximum board thickness: 4″

Minimum board length: 9″

Minimum board thickness: 1/16″

Surface speed of drums: 2800 FPM

Conveyor feed rate: Variable, 6–18 FPM

Sanding drums: 2, steel/rubber-coated

Drum diameter: 6″

Sandpaper size: 6″ x 138″

Overall Dimensions: 68″ W x 50-1/2″ D x 49″ H

Approx. shipping weight: 1406 lbs.


Variable-speed conveyor

Industrial rubber conveyor belt (similar to those on wide belt sanders)

Control panel with amp load meter

State-of-the-art computer-balanced drums

Hinged hood for easy drum access

External micro-adjustment on outfeed drum

Gas springs for top cover

Four 4″ dust ports

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