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Grizzly G0447 37 inch 20 HP 3-Phase Double Head Wide-Belt Sander

The G0447 37″ 20 HP 3-Phase Double Head Wide-Belt Sander features dual heads enabling them to sand to finer grits in a single pass!

The first belt runs on a single drum and the rear belt runs on a platen system which allows you to adjust the sanding depth.

If you are still sanding through two different grit levels using a single head wide-belt sander you are not being the most efficient.


Sanding motor HP: 20 HP, TEFC

Sanding motor voltage: 220V/440V*

Sanding motor phase: 3-phase

Sanding motor amps: 50.3A/25.1A

Conveyor motor HP: 1 HP, TEFC

Conveyor motor amps: 3.4A/1.7A

Table lift motor HP: 1/4 HP, TEFC

Table lift motor amps: 1.2A/0.6A

Footprint: 52″ x 31″

Maximum board width: 36-1/2″

Maximum board thickness: 6″

Minimum board length: 11″

Minimum board thickness: 3/16″

Front drum surface speed: 3500 FPM

Rear drum surface speed: 2600 FPM

Conveyor speed: 14–60 FPM

Sanding belt size: 37″ x 75″

Air requirement: 57 – 75 PSI, 12.3 CFM

Overall width: 53-1/2″

Overall height: 79″ H

Overall depth: 59-1/2″

Dust ports: 6

Approx. shipping weight: 2920 lbs.


Rubber pressure rollers

Hard rubber infeed drum

Adjustable graphite platen

Digital encoder depth control

Amp/load meter

Disc brake for emergency stop

Variable feed speed

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