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Grizzly G0445 24 inch 10 HP 3-Phase Platen Type Wide-Belt Sander

The G0445 24″ 10 HP 3-Phase Platen Type Wide-Belt Sander was developed with a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood pieces up to 24″ wide. This model is designed for woodworkers, cabinetmakers and production shops who want a machine that can also sand very thin and relatively short pieces.

The double infeed and double outfeed pressure rollers process short pieces efficiently. This results in having continuous downward pressure on extremely thin stock as thin as 1/8″ and as short as 9″; the distance between the first infeed and first outfeed pressure rollers. The sanding belt size required is 25″ wide by 75″ long.

The feed belt is made of harder rubber to prevent distortion of thin stock while sanding. What follows is that you get perfectly parallel sanding in any thickness of stock from 1/8″ to 6″.

An efficient and clean dust collection system is essential to the proper function of the sander. For the G0445 we recommend a minimum of 1200 CFM at the machine via the two 4″ dust ports.

The G0445 includes additional features such as a digital readout, powered table elevation, four screw jacks for table support, variable-speed, disc brake stopping system and dust proof photo electric eye/pneumatic control for belt oscillation.


Type: Platen

Sanding motor: 10 HP, 220V/440V (prewired 220V), 3-phase, 29.6A/14.8A

Conveyor motor: 1 HP, 3.4A

Table lift motor: 1/4 HP, 1.2A

Max. board width: 24″

Max. board thickness: 6″

Min. board length: 9″

Min. board thickness: 1/8″

Conveyor speed: 15-49 FPM

Sanding belt size: 25″ W x 75″ L

Footprint: 39-3/8″ x 19-5/16″

Overall dimensions: 40″ W x 50″ D x 72″ H

Approx. shipping weight: 1614 lbs.


Variable feed speeds

Pneumatic oscillation control

Fast belt changes (about 30 seconds!)

Disc brake system for emergency stops

Digital controls accurate to within 0.005″

Double infeed & outfeed pressure rollers

Convenient control panel with separate switches for each motor

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