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Bosch LR2 165 Ft. Red-Beam Line Laser Receiver

The Bosch LR2 Dual-Sided Line Laser Receiver has a range of 165 Ft. and is compatible with all pulse line lasers. Kit includes mounting bracket and 9V battery.


(1) LR2 165 Ft. Red-Beam Line Laser Receiver

(1) Mounting Bracket

(1) 9V Battery


Dual-Sided LCD display – for easy visual readout on both sides of receiver

Indicator lights and audible detection signal on/off – for ease of use in various jobsite conditions

Built-in heavy duty magnets – for secure attachment to metal surfaces. Ideal for suspended ceiling installations

Simple and secure assembly of leveling rod – mounting bracket for quick and accurate leveling applications

Ergonomic soft-grip area – for sure grip and comfort

Works with GLL2-50 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser – for convenient usage at greater distances

Range: 165 ft. distance

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