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Bosch GWS13-60PD High-Performance Angle Grinder with No-Lock-On Paddle Switch

The Bosch GWS13-60PD 6- In. Angle Grinder with No-Lock-On Paddle Switch furnishes a no-lock multi-grip paddle switch for user control and comfort, allowing for multiple grip positions. The paddle switch has a no-lock-on feature that shuts the motor off after the switch is released. And this powerhouse produces 13 amps and 9,300 RPM of professional power. It was designed for longer life, featuring directed air flow that diverts dust away from vital components. Equipped with a two-position Vibration Control side handle, the tool is less demanding to operate. The grinder has constant electronics for easy starts and dependable speed under load, and it has direct-motor cooling for higher overload capabilities. For safety, it an integrated acceleration sensor to limit inadvertent recoil and restart protection to protect against unintended startup. It has a burst-protection quick toolless adjustable guard and a large spindle lock for a more convenient disc change. The Service Minderbrushes stop the grinder when preventative maintenance is required.


Paddle switch – provides for multiple, comfortable grip positions

Powerful motor – 13 amps and 9,300 RPM

No-lock-on switch shuts off motor after the switch is released

Carbon brushes – more durable than previous-generation brushes

Direct-motor cooling for higher overload capabilities

Constant electronics – level operation and reliable speed under load

Two-position Vibration Control side handle for more user comfort

Integrated acceleration sensor mitigates inadvertent recoil

Directed air flow diverts dust from vital components

Restart protection to guard against unintended startup

Toolless, burst-protection adjustable guard for advanced user protection

Service Minderbrushes – ensure preventative maintenance

Large spindle lock for more convenient disc change

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