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Bosch GPL 5 Five-Point Self-Leveling Alignment Laser

Five-point level with points up/down, front and sides for plumb, level, align and 90° square; accuracy is +/- 1/4 In. at 100 Ft. Eliminates the need for 3-4-5 In. measurements in laying out a 90° angle. Smart Pendulum System self-levels, indicates out-of-level condition and locks when switched off. Compact design allows the unit to go anywhere and can be used in almost any interior application. Multi-purpose attachment positions the mount with magnets, strap or threaded mounts (5/8 In. to 11, 1/4 In. to 20).


Unit points up/down and front to add squaring to plumb, level and align capabilities

One-person does the job of two people using manual plumb bob

In-track design makes unit easy to move, maintains right height

Multi-purpose mounting attachment allows unit to be used virtually anywhere

Smart Pendulum Leveling System – Self-levels, senses and indicated out-of level condition, locks when switched off

Projects Plumb, Level, and Square Points – For precise positioning of tool and transfer of points for easy and accurate transfer and alignment of points in level, plumb, square and grade applications

Accurately transfers and aligns, level, plumb, 90° square and grade points

Multipurpose Attachment – Position and mount with magnets, strap or threaded mounts (1/4-20, 5/8-11)

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