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Bosch GPL 3 Three-Point Self-Leveling Alignment Laser

Three-point plumb and level point projection laser accurately transfers and aligns plumb up/down, front level and align points; accuracy is +/- 1/4 In. at 100 Ft. There’s no waiting for a standard plumb bob to stop moving thanks to a quick-settling pendulum. Smart Pendulum System self-levels, indicates out-of-level condition and locks when switched off. Compact design allows the unit to go anywhere and can be used in almost any interior application. Multi-purpose attachment positions the mount with magnets, strap or threaded mounts (5/8 In. to 11, 1/4 In. to 20).


Three-point plumb and level point projection accurately transfers and aligns level, plumb, 90° and grade points

One-person does the job of two people using manual plumb bob

In-track design makes unit easy to move, maintains right height

Smart Pendulum System self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition; locks when switched off

Integrated reference lines – for precise positioning of tool and transfer of points

Pocket-sized – only 4-1/8 In. (105 mm) tall; pouch fits on tool belt

Easy access battery compartment

Easy field recalibration – maintains accuracy and prevents downtime

Multipurpose attachment – position and mount with magnets, strap or threaded mounts (1/4 – 20, 5/8 – 11)

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