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Bosch GLM 40 X BLAZE 135 Ft. Laser Measure

Simply press the measure button to activate the laser and begin measuring in real time. The GLM 40 X will not only measure distances, but also calculate area and volume. Handy pocket-size design makes the GLM 40 X easy to use and carry anywhere. A square shape ensures that the unit will remain steady while on a flat surface. Get extreme precision with Bosch laser technology thanks to accuracy within +/- 1/16 In.


Features include real time measuring, distance, memory, addition/subtraction, and the calculation of area/volume and indirect measurements

Storage for 10 measurements and fast calculations of area and volume

Measuring distance extends to 135 Ft. with +/- 1/16 In. accuracy

Accessory package includes pouch, hand strap, target cards and id tag

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